Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm expeirementing with Match Book Theaters

  I always loved making these as a child. Well... not the  peep shows.
   I think half the fun was making them. I use to play for hours with these on the long road trips. I would lay in the back of the station wagon and put on extravagant plays. Just for me. The family wasn't pleased if I made the play a musical.
  So I jumped on another tangent and I'm off.

Just a few of my felt fun things

Thanks for your visit

Welcome to Sweet Haven Studio. The purpose of my blog is to keep me in integrity. I have made a promise to myself to create every day of 2011. This may be a small drawing, a photo, or a poem. The point is I will not fantasize about grande projects that might set me up to fail. I will be pleased with a small daily creations and I  would love to share this journey with my friends.  Hope you enjoy!